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Hello, Thank you so much for visiting our website and your interest in learning more about Ken Snoeberger the Owner and Operator of Xpectmore Automotive.  Learn more about why our small family owned shop is know for being Trustworthy and Affordable.

I have been a Family Man now since 1993.  I am happily married and have a family of 4.  I have a wonderful supportive wife who loves me very much.  I find her to be the world.  I have 2 wonderful children.  One girl (Kenzie Faith) and one boy (Kole West).

Everything Automotive, has been my whole Working Life Profession.  I started Learning about Engine Building, Auto Repair and Service Since 1984.  All of these years, I have worked for other people and some great men of Automotive intelligence.  Many of these men that I worked for, were an Inspiration to me.  They too, were Automotive Experts.  These men supplied and offered me great training, goals, and experience development.

Through all of my working years of experience, I have developed a Reputation and a Clientele.  I have many, many customers who rely on my Expertise and Advice.  Many have come to me for several years, with the knowledge that their Automotive Problems will be taken care of.  I have built a Great Trust and Reliability Factor with my Customers.

So, after years of working for others, I decided to open my own Automotive Repair Shop in 2008 in Rio Rancho, NM.  I have just recently moved to Albuquerque, NM.  My goal is to supply Quality Repairs at a Fair Price.  I have been around and I know what other Automotive Repair Shops charge.  That is why I want to be reasonable with my prices.  I know that the prices charged at other repair shops do not need to be as high as they are.  That is why I aim to make a difference in that area.

One area that I concentrate on is “Building Trust in the Women” in need of Automotive Repair and Automotive Advice.  It is through my wife and experience of other women, and a family full of women that I know the deals that are offered to them.  It is a known fact that many Automotive Technicians feel that they can take advantage of women.  Let me tell you, They Do!

My goal is to earn the Trust and Respect of  Women at all times.  I use the advice from my wife and other women to find out exactly what it is that they need from their Automotive Expert.  I strive to work hard at building that “Trust Factor”,  not just for women but everyone who asks for my services.  However, I do have a strong aim on my women customers.  I want them to feel secure with me and know that they can trust and rely on my automotive repair services.

Many of you are visiting from the internet.  That means that you can be anywhere in the USA and do not even know where Rio Rancho or Albuquerque, NM is.  I want for you to know that because I have a passion for what I do, I want to be able to help across the internet.  There is no way that I can physically work on all of your vehicles.  I am especially unable to due to the distance between many of you.  My main objective through the internet is to be a Reliable and Trustworthy Source.  I am here to give Automotive Advice, Answer any and all Automotive Questions, and provide you with Automotive Resources.

These are my Qualifications:

  • I am a Licensed Professional.
  • I specialize in Performance, Drivability, and Electrical.
  • I offer Free Diagnostics and Estimates with service.
  • I have Dealership Experience in German, Japanese, and American.
  • I am experienced in quality automotive service for Women by being Trustworthy and Honest at all times. (I provide them a Fair and Accurate Deal)
  • I have Car Buying Experience. (I know what to look for when purchasing a used vehicle)
  • I know what the costs Are, Should Be, and Can Be.
  • I am knowledgeable in purchasing the right tools and parts.
  • I am very familiar with automotive warranties and what to come of them.
  • I can give you advice on which used cars are really great deals and which ones to avoid.
  • I am well known for my Reputation and I aim on keeping it that way.

Thank you once again for visiting my site.  If I can be of any service to you, please contact me by email or by leaving a comment on my blog.  We can communicate by phone if needed.

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I am honored to serve you and all of your Automotive Needs.

Ken Snoeberger


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  1. I was unable to find your address….or a map to your location from your web site… Is it there, and I just did not see it? or?

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